This Is Why Corporate Gardens Are Catching On

A blue glow radiates from computer monitors. Fluorescent lights buzz overhead. Listless fingers tap sporadically from behind cubicle walls as the smell of burnt coffee hangs in the air.

This is the quintessential office experience.

And though it may seem quite sterile, it’s increasingly becoming a launch pad for life. Plant life, specifically.

Keep reading to learn why.

In an office lobby, a garden serves as a warm welcome to guests.

5 Reasons Why Corporate Gardens Are a Growing Trend

In the last several years, employee gardens have sprouted up at giant corporations — such as Toyota and PepsiCo — and smaller companies alike. This growing trend is in large part due to the fact that workplace gardens provide the following five benefits:

1. Improve employee health (and performance).

From reducing stress to sharpening brain function, gardening offers a variety of health benefits that translate to happier, more productive employees. Plus, getting up from your desk to harvest or tend to crops may offset the negative effects of sitting all day. (Any excuse to move around a little is a good one!)

In fact, with so much to gain, it’s a wonder gardening hasn’t been incorporated into more employee wellness programs.

2. Strengthen team relationships.

Workplace cliques are all too common at most companies. But by encouraging social interaction in a relaxed, fun environment, gardening can help break down departmental silos and hierarchies.

Moreover, since managing a corporate garden is a shared responsibility, it facilitates trust and teamwork.

Forward-thinking companies are replacing office vending machines with real food machines.

3. Enhance corporate image.

In today’s global economy, competition is fierce across virtually all industries. And for many brands, corporate values have become a point of differentiation. Growing an employee garden is one way to make a statement about what’s important to your company and stand out in the minds of your customers.

For example, an organization that values sustainability could demonstrate that value by growing an eco-friendly garden. Likewise, community focused businesses might donate workplace garden yields to local food banks and shelters.

4. Attract new hires.

Let’s face it, getting to garden at work just sounds cool. It’s a unique perk you might expect to see on a job listing from Google (which, not coincidentally, has an employee garden) or a culture-driven startup — right alongside “Ping-Pong tournaments” and “dog-friendly office.”

As a result, a business that offers a corporate gardening program may find it easier to attract new employees.

5. Yield fresh, free lunch!

Tired of last night’s leftovers or sandwiches from down the street? Imagine a bowl filled to the brim with crisp lettuce, vine-ripened tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, sweet snap peas, and other just-harvested garden goodies.

One of the biggest benefits that corporate gardens yield is also the most literal: food. And that means employee lunches inherently become tastier and more nutritious.

With an in-kitchen garden, employees get farm-to-table benefits without leaving the office.

How to Start Gardening at Work Now

Even if you’re eager to plant your first workplace crops, you might feel discouraged by potential challenges — such as finding land to grow or simply keeping work clothes from getting dirty.

Fortunately, you can now grow inside the office (or even on top of it) in minimal space and without soil using Tower Garden.

As a turnkey vertical aeroponic growing solution, Tower Garden seems as though it were designed specifically for the corporate gardening movement. After all, it:

Not surprisingly, these unique traits have made Tower Garden a perfect growing system for schools, restaurants, and a host of other interesting places, as well!

Ready to elevate your work lunches and boost business outcomes?

Start a corporate garden

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