Tower Garden Growing Resource Guide

At Tower Garden, the success of our growers is paramount. Our aeroponic gardens are designed to make healthy living more simple and accessible than ever before. With that said, there are times when our growers could use a helping hand.

Through YouTube videos, blogs, guides, and even lesson plans, our team is always looking for ways to help customers get the most out of their Tower Gardens. 

Click through the various guides below to discover helpful tips and best practices for growing with Tower Garden. 


The Many Benefits of Tower Garden

There are many compelling reasons to grow your own food. For starters, it’s cost-effective and is a great, healthy hobby that results in delicious produce. With that said, aeroponic gardening with Tower Garden takes it one step further by providing countless other benefits such as faster harvests, greater yields, and less space requirements. 

Discover the full list of Tower Garden benefits right here. 


General Tower Garden Guidelines: How (and When) to Harvest

Knowing how and when to harvest your Tower Garden crops will become easier as you get more experienced with growing. It’s important to note that the timing in which certain crops are harvested can dramatically impact the taste and texture of the plant. To make things easy, we developed a rough guide for harvesting certain crops to help you get it right each time. 

Download our general harvesting guidelines PDF by clicking here. 


How To Plan Your Tower Garden

You can’t spell ‘plant’ without ‘plan,’ and any successful garden begins with a well-thought-out strategy. Some basic steps to formulating the ultimate Tower Garden plan include finding a location to grow, gathering the supplies, and choosing the seeds. However, you can get much more in-depth with your plan by following our PDF guide. 

Click here to access our full guide on planning the perfect Tower Garden. 


Maintaining & Cleaning Your Tower Garden

While gardening with Tower Garden isn’t nearly as demanding as traditional gardening methods, there will be times when you will need to roll up your sleeves and perform some basic maintenance and cleaning. From cleaning to refilling the reservoir, we’ve outlined a few quick and easy tips for keeping your garden in tip-top shape. 

Read the full Tower Garden Maintenance and Cleaning guide here. 


What To Grow in a Tower Garden

There are hundreds of different crops that can be planted in Tower Garden, and thousands of various crop combinations that can be grown at any given time. To find the perfect crops for your garden, it’s important to consider your taste preferences, diet, and growing conditions. 

For a list of some of the most popular crops to grow with Tower Garden, click here. 


How To Grow Strong, Healthy Seedlings

The key to a healthy garden starts with strong seedlings. Whether you start your garden from seed, or purchase seedlings from a seedling provider, the overall success of your garden will depend on the quality and health of the seedlings used when starting the garden. 

To access a full guide to grow strong, healthy seedlings, click here. 


Troubleshooting: Common Tower Garden Challenges (and How To Avoid Them)

Throughout the course of your Tower Garden journey, there’s a chance you may run into some problems. Pests, plant disease, and algae are all common gardening challenges that will require some problem-solving. Fortunately, most common Tower Garden issues can be overcome with just a few simple steps.

Download the Tower Garden troubleshooting guide by clicking here. 


Best Herbs To Grow in Tower Garden

Common herbs like basil and parsley, and even the more uncommon herbs like marjoram, grow great in Tower Garden’s aeroponic gardening systems. With so many herbs to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. To make things simple, we created a list of some of our favorite herbs to grow with Tower Garden. 

Discover the 15 best Tower Garden herbs to grow right here. 


Harvesting Herbs with Tower Garden

Nothing quite beats the aroma and taste that comes from freshly picked herbs. With Tower Garden, herbs can be planted, grown, and harvested with ease. It may seem counterintuitive, but typically the more herbs you harvest, the more you will grow (and there’s no such thing as too many herbs). 

Follow this guide to learn how to best harvest herbs from your Tower Garden.  


Harvesting Greens with Tower Garden

Greens like lettuce, kale, spinach, and arugula are some of the most popular crops to plant with Tower Garden. Not only do greens thrive in our aeroponic gardens, but they are also the perfect crops for beginners because they grow quickly and are easy to harvest. 

Read our full guide here to learn how to harvest common greens. 


Harvesting Fruiting Plants with Tower Garden

From eggplants to tomatoes, fruiting crops are some of the most fun things to grow outdoors with Tower Garden. Given their size and shape, these plants require unique growing conditions and harvesting techniques. But don’t worry. The steps to harvest each fruiting crop are fairly straightforward. 

Learn the steps to harvest various fruiting plants right here. 

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